Second Annual Warming Day

On Saturday, 7 June, we celebrated the second annual Værð, or Warming Day, in Orcadia with a dance and amusements. Wyre is just over a year old, and has been joined by Hoy, Shapinsay, and Muckle Green Holm!

Edwina Heron, the Countess of Swoonsbury, set out amusements in Hoy, including two kinds of bumper vehicles and swan boats. Jameson Despres, the Thane of Shapinsay, arranged romantic settings throughout that island and below the waves. Muckle Green Holm was transformed into a sim-sized maze, a recreation of the maze created by the utopian community of New Harmony, Indiana, in 1814. And Soliel Snook, the Marchioness of Giggleford, entertained an assembled party with ’80s pop and music. (Wings turned out to be the order of the day. Below the group shot are photos of me and of nox Pinion.)