A beautiful handfasting

Today her Grace Gabrielle Riel and Lady Azul Draken were married in a ceremony conducted by Hypatia Dejavu.

The brides were lovely.

There was, of course, dancing after, in the courtyard of Carntaigh.

And what would a wedding reception be without cake and bubbly?

3 Replies to “A beautiful handfasting”

  1. I especially like the picture of the two of us. I have no idea my jacket looked so blue. And Gabi’s flowers really stand out.

    Thank you Otenth for celebrating with us and for taking the pictures.

  2. Dear Otenth,

    Thank you so much for sharing our day with us, and for this lovely blog post! It meant more than I can say that you, and all of our friends, were there. I am truly blessed.


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