Crossing borders

CaleCon (and SLCC) are not the only times people who have known each other only in virtual worlds meet in the physical world. Such contacts range from informally getting together with a group of friends to consumating relationships. Siri Woodget’s blog has a charming post written by guest blogger Andrijah Beardmore.

What I did discover is that Colleen’s hair is not quite so spiky, and that Siri is a bit more outgoing, among countless other little details. But the thing is, neither was in any way too different from the avatars they control on a daily basis. For the most part, they are the same people, even though their actions may not be the same – but then again, who does the same thing in both worlds.

Their experience is quite similar to what many of us experienced at CaleCon, and similar to what I experienced a year ago when my friends Asha, Bromo, nox, and I hung out for a weekend.