Come as you were

Come as you were (or would have been if you only knew then . . . )

Saturday 29 November, 12-2pm SLT
DJ: Rudo Gynoid, world music mix
Caledon Murdann

I would like my friends whose video cards struggle with Second Life to be able to attend, so I have some challenges for everyone to reduce client-side lag.


  • System clothing encouraged (those aspects of clothing and hair that can be adjusted by “edit appearance”)
  • No attached prims unless they use the System Plywood or Blank textures (Let’s see what you can do with one texture!)
  • No sculpted prims


  • Not everyone will see your flexi prims, because they can turn them off
  • Not everyone will see your particles, because they can turn them off
  • Your AO and HUDs may lag the server, but only indirectly someone else’s client, so feel free!

I will have tall and tiny dance balls, as well as couple dance sets, and also seats within chatting distance of the dance floor.