“and drugs” ? !

Taser Sues Second Life Virtual World Creator Over Gun Sales.

“All of the defendants that sell virtual weaponry like plaintiff’s real ones, under the mark Taser for use in the Second Life programs and grids, also sell adult-only explicit images and scenes” and drugs, according to the complaint.

First, I don’t understand why trademark infringement would be anything other than a straight yes/no question. Either someone is using your trademark or not. Why should other products sold in the same store make any difference?

But notice that the “and drugs” is not a direct quote of the complaint, it is something that Bloomberg made an editorial decision to include. Even though (I trust) the complaint may claim that drugs are sold by Linden Research and Virtualtrade, it is irresponsible to report this as though it is possible.

And finally, I find the idea of tasers far more disreputable than either pornography or drugs.

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  1. Exactly how does one get drugs in SL? And why haven’t I been told before?!?

    Not only does the complaint look clueless the reporter is just as ignorant.

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