“Real” life

Tateru Nino has a trenchant post on Massively: Exposing human nature through virtual environments.

That virtual environments, like Second Life, manifestly have not and do not rapidly devolve into random and uncontrollable anarchy is an interesting commentary on how little we know, and how much we assume about human nature.

And more broadly, we are who we are, even when we’re pretending to be something else.

Also of note from Tateru on her personal blog is her decision to honor her time and effort at the keyboard: Breaking a habit: No more RL for me.

2 Replies to ““Real” life”

  1. Thanks for that link Othenth – it nails down something I have been struggling with for some time. Trying to explain to family, friends or even professional counselors that time spent inworld with people from all over the world is valid and “real”, and even constitutes a true community to which I belong with its own valid culture and values. I have literally been treated as if I was delusional by healthcare professionals (colleagues) in making the argument. I will admit that it is not conducive to cardiovascular health unless a strict exercise regimen is maintained.
    But avatars = people, therefore SL = societies

  2. And why I seem to be completely incapable of typing Otenth without the extra h I have no idea!

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