Happy birthday, Radio Riel!

Full schedule below the poster (and click on poster for full-size view).

I began my association with Radio Riel as a listener, then became a host, and finally overcame my hesitations and began learning the art of being a presenter. It has been a wonderful addition to my life, moving my casual enjoyment of music into a deeper and more focused attention. I owe a debt of gratitude to Gabrielle Riel not only for making Radio Riel real, but for generously supporting my growth as a presenter.

You can see my programming schedule in the sidebar to the right (note that times are shown in SLT/U.S. Pacific time zone). My usual programs are our Wednesday From the Library and a Wednesday evening World Wednesdays hour (now on our main channel). But you will also find in the calendar my DJ and event gigs.

For our anniversary, we will presenting 24 hours of thematic programming, broadcast from our facilities in New Babbage. Please drop by and say hello, or listen at http://music.radioriel.org.

Full Schedule (subject to change)

Time    Presenter    Program
0:00 Magdalena Kamenev Jazz/pop remixes
1:00 Gabrielle Riel Victorian/Edwardian Music
2:00 Gabrielle Riel Victorian/Edwardian Music
3:00 Gabrielle Riel Victorian/Edwardian Music
4:00 Soliel Snook Angst Music
5:00 Edward Pearse Scottish Sounds
6:00 Edward Pearse Mad Science Choons
7:00 Gabrielle Riel Steampunk
8:00 Soliel Snook Best of Baroque Blues
9:00 Diamanda Gustafson Loudband and Folk
10:00 Diamanda Gustafson Loudband and Folk
11:00 Gabrielle Riel French Music of all Genres
12:00 Soliel Snook The amazing Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
13:00 Elrik Merlin Early Music
14:00 Elrik Merlin Celtic Miscellanea
15:00 Elrik Merlin The Light Programme
16:00 Otenth Paderborn Scandinavian
17:00 Gabrielle Riel Modern Classical
18:00 Gabrielle Riel Modern American Classical
19:00 Magdalena Kamenev Nuevo Tango/Digital Cumbia
20:00 Mitsu Figaro Traditional Japanese
21:00 Mitsu Figaro Jpop/rock
22:00 Mitsu Figaro techno from where ever. 😀
23:00 Magdalena Kamenev Mash-ups