Warming Day 2009

You are most cordially welcomed to drop by Orcadia and enjoy our attractions as we quietly celebrate our second anniversary on Saturday, June 6. No big organized dance party this year, but the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach is having an open house from 10am-noon on the airship now moored in Murdann, there are several En Garde pistes (one in each sim, I believe), as well as 7Seas and Neo-Realms fishing. Lady Edwina Heron has a jousting list in Murdann, and the Marchioness of Giggleford may be pimping her addiction putting out a Frootcake table in Giverny.

As always, there are the varied stores of Mmes Snook and Robbiani in Giverny and the main store of Tea & Strychnine aloft in Murdann.

Finally, I will be sponsoring (and playing!) a day of Scandinavian music on Radio Riel, http://music.radioriel.org. I have recently expanded my collection, and tomorrow you can hear the fruit of that exploration.