Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Check out Long Now « welcome to for SLURLs for “four completely unique installations of Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings as remixed by Angrybeth Shortbread.” They’re only there through tonight (Sunday), as they are concurrent with the RL premiere installation. Totally wild. The Hooper location isn’t included in the in-world TPs, but make sure you go there&emdash;rotating cubes in space that you can sit on (especially good in mouselook with names turned off).

New elven sims!

I was showing around my friend nox tonight, and discovered that the Elven sim reorganization I read about in the MM (I think) is taking shape. There are now several ocean sims that are new. It’s going to be a nice big area. (The map uses doesn’t show any of the sims, even the preexisting ones, yet.)

More mazes

I found a list of mazes somewhere, and I’ve tried out a few of them this evening:

  • Chamcook/33/141/98 is a very well done, complicated hedge maze. The land is for sale, so perhaps it won’t be around for long.
  • Europa/8/25/28 is really pretty, and very different. The maze is inside a glass-block structure, and instead of solid walls between passages, there are pillars set too close together to move between them. But you can still see through, which is actually rather disorienting.
  • Louise/159/182/36 is an invisible maze. You need to follow the pattern on the ground. It’s a simple maze, but rather meditative.
  • Sami/249/85/34 is a hedge maze. I didn’t really enjoy it; the texture used in the hedge was really disorienting.
  • Avilion Grove/114/64/22 is another very simple hedge maze with romantic poseballs in the center; actually, there are two centers!

Exploring the new neighborhood

I decided to take a walk on the road that runs through my property. My first excursion set out to the northeast and then took every left turn in order to come back around. On my way I found this lovely little roadside church, St. Guilhelm-la-Deuxieme-Vie.


Moon over maze

I was poking around the Morris sim (which is part of the Ahern welcome area), and in the sandbox were two large, rotating moon-like prims up in the air. When I went into the hedge maze in Rizal (the adjacent sim), I discovered that there were some great views around some of the corners!

Fantastic art gallery

I went to the Phoenicia Center for Contemporary Art (Egremont/116/63/34). One of the shows is photography by Phil Borges. He’s done portraits of people from endangered cultures, mostly Asian and African. It’s a powerful exhibit.