Reflections in First Look

The First Look viewer, when water ripples are enabled, also creates reflections. Here’s an underwater shot of me, up towards the surface, where you can see my reflection distorted by the ripples in the water. Pretty cool.

Blasting past three million

There’s been some slowdown noted on the SL blog, and on the front page, the resident statistics say there are now 3,025,109 residents, 1,014,117 of whom logged were online in the last 60 days, and 27,724 in-world right now. I haven’t noticed any major lag.

It should be noted that that’s 2,000,000 signups in the last two months.

Bienvenue à  Tenth Life

Je regrette que je parle seulement un peu français!

Much like SL itself, visitors to this blog (mostly coming from links at the SL website list of resident sites and are about 49% from the US, followed by 9% from the UK, 8.5% from France, 4.6% from Germany, and 4.4% from Canada. There have been visits from every continent except Antarctica, including a visit from Tunisia and one from Mauritius! Pretty amazing for a brand-new blog about what is, for me, mostly entertainment.

Yesterday I went and got copies of Max Case’s Babbler and De-Babbler at Green/189/166.

After the cut is the whole list, from Google Analytics.

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Bostonians in Second Life?

I’m curious as to how many Bostonians are in Second Life, and if I know any of them. So this is just a tiny fishhook cast into the enormous ocean of the internet.

More mazes

I found a list of mazes somewhere, and I’ve tried out a few of them this evening:

  • Chamcook/33/141/98 is a very well done, complicated hedge maze. The land is for sale, so perhaps it won’t be around for long.
  • Europa/8/25/28 is really pretty, and very different. The maze is inside a glass-block structure, and instead of solid walls between passages, there are pillars set too close together to move between them. But you can still see through, which is actually rather disorienting.
  • Louise/159/182/36 is an invisible maze. You need to follow the pattern on the ground. It’s a simple maze, but rather meditative.
  • Sami/249/85/34 is a hedge maze. I didn’t really enjoy it; the texture used in the hedge was really disorienting.
  • Avilion Grove/114/64/22 is another very simple hedge maze with romantic poseballs in the center; actually, there are two centers!

Exploring the new neighborhood

I decided to take a walk on the road that runs through my property. My first excursion set out to the northeast and then took every left turn in order to come back around. On my way I found this lovely little roadside church, St. Guilhelm-la-Deuxieme-Vie.


Moon over maze

I was poking around the Morris sim (which is part of the Ahern welcome area), and in the sandbox were two large, rotating moon-like prims up in the air. When I went into the hedge maze in Rizal (the adjacent sim), I discovered that there were some great views around some of the corners!

Goodbye to Hurricane

Well, I’m just a flip-flopper! I decided to sell my land in Pockwock and just rent instead, and I picked land in a very nice sim, Hurricane, owned by HolyHell Cassell. I created a small hill with a spring and stream, and modified the Rockridge home that I bought:

But I remained ambivalent, and sympathetic to the philosophy of immersion, and also became enamored of the cobblestone roads on the Linden lands in some of the mainland sims. This morning I discovered a sweet parcel in Pruni for sale at quite a reasonable price by Sarah Nerd. Yay Sarah Nerd! She runs a couple of freebie locations and also sells land at really good prices. So here ’tis:

(I own the land to the right, as well as a little slice between the road and the water on the left; I also bought another plot in the opposite corner of the sim.)