Warming Day party on Wyre

Sadly, I have no photos. But the party was, if I do say so myself, a success! There were never more than about 25 people present, and of course there are still thousands of available prims, so the sim stats only dipped once or twice. There were other forms of lag, of course, which affected several guests (and the host!). I will take photos later today and post them, showing some of the current state of development.

The music was provided by the incomparable Gabrielle Riel, Duchess of Carntaigh, and Radio Riel. The first hour was celtic and traditional music, and then we had ’80s favorites (1980s, that is, for the Caledonians reading this) for two hours (Gabi extended herself beyond the two hours she had agreed to). The dance machine and animations worked out well, a few of the dances apparently new to some of the non-Caledonian guests. Her Grace kindly supplied some couple dances, as I ran out of time preparing and had not purchased any.

I had two conversations at the end of the evening with potential tenants, which was pleasant. One of them actually wants a location in Caledon, so I’m glad he eventually became clear that Wyre is not a part of Caledon. Part of the confusion is the similarity between Wyre and Eyre (which was delivered last night, by the way). While I hope (and assume) that Orcadia, whether it remains the single sim of Wyre or it grows, will always be a friend to Caledon, I do hope people don’t confuse the two. I think the preponderance of guests from Caledon early in the evening contributed to some confusion last night.