Meeting in “real life”

If you have an interest in meeting in “real life” at a convention or special event (or even if you don’t), please take a quick survey to help determine interest in meeting at SteamCon, Seattle Airport Marriott, Washington, October 23-25 or Second Life Community Convention, Marriott San Francisco, California, August 13-16. This is an effort started by those who attended and created CaleCon last year, who wish to attract a much wider range of participants this year. Please pass the word around the neo-Victorian, Steampunk, themed, je ne sais quoi communities that might be interested.

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  1. Not at all! There’s also a question about having an independent meetup, which has a lot of votes, but only 3 people who said yes, they would help plan it. Lots of undecided helpers, though.

    Several people have asked about DragonCon. Kamilah mentioned that as a possibility last year, but it just didn’t click with the rest of us, I guess. One of the drawbacks of a small sample doing planning. In looking at the DragonCon website, I am amazed that they have already (six months out) sold out two of their five host hotel reservations. Sounds like we would be swallowed up whole.

    I encourage anyone who is planning on attending a congenial convention to widely publicize that fact in order to have ever more meetups.

  2. If Comicon is Nerd Prom, Dragoncon is Geek Mardi Gras, and it can be a little overwhelming your first time in. A room party would be appropriate. Last time i went, i booked my hotel in September for the next Labor Day. It also extrememly expensive, you have to save all year for it.

    However, comma, did i hear you say Pennsic? That is the poor man’s alternative to going to one of the mega-conventions of summer.

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