Quarter sim available

Update, June 17: TAKEN!

I have a quarter-sim parcel in Murdann available for rent. It is the northeast corner of the sim and is available at any time (the current tenant will move when a new tenant is ready to rent).

The stats:

  • L$7,200/week (four weeks minimum, discount if paid monthly in US$ via paypal)
  • 3,750 prims
  • 16,384 square meters

This is a quiet, rustic, lightly-themed estate. No hard definitions, but definitely pre-modern architecture (up to 1920s or so). The neighbors on Murdann include Tea & Strychnine’s main store, the airship of the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach, and my own TARDIS. Much of the development on the sim is aerial (which is zoned by height).

There is no purchase, and thus no resale, of property. My goal is long-term stability throughout the estate. Please contact me via IM or email (in profile) if you are interested. (Please, no notecards. My IMs are forwarded to email.)